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Famous Architects

Handout and Rubric- Famous Architects

Space Missions

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Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.55.54 AM


Video on Space Shuttle History.


Thank You for a Great 2013-2014 School Year

I can’t believe my first year is over with the great Moody Schools.  You have all welcomed me with open arms and I feel blessed that Debra Allred and Kathy Tice wanted me to teach at MES and MMS.

Here is a link to some of the pictures I took and the parents shared with me this year.  As you can see, we had an amazing year!

If you need me this summer, please contact me at my email address.  I will be checking my emails regularly.  You can email me at:

Best wishes to my fabulous sixth graders who are leaving me to go to the Junior High.   Welcome to my upcoming third graders.  We have a great year planned.

Mrs. Fine

Order of Operation

These are great songs to remember the ORDER!!!

Fling the Teacher

I was reminded by a couple of my former students of how much fun these are to play.  Most of these are from other sites, so if there is anything incorrect, don’t blame me:)
Here’s the Roman Gods and Goddesses one

Here’s a language arts one

One on math 

Now, one on Native Americans 

Here’s one on 2D and 3D Shapes 

Here’s one on multiplication 

 Oooh, Equivalent fractions  I know you LOVE equivalent fractions:)

Solve the equation for your beginning algebra lovers

Text features – your teacher will love you for this

AND your social teacher will love this Westward Expansion one

Estimating lengths

 Ancient Rome

The Revolutionary War