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Comets and Delphi and Oracle, Oh My!

To combine our two units of study today in the computer lab, you will go to two separate websites.  The first one is on comets.

The second one will go along with our Greek mythology and the books we are reading.

Pretty Scary, right?

We will be studying Greek Mythodology these next few weeks and the students will want to learn about Medusa.  Well, this week we will learn about her.  How did she come about to be such a scary monster?  What happened to her when she was slain?  Ever heard of Pegasus?  These questions will be researched this week.

Beside learning about Medusa, we will learn about the myth of Echo and Narcissus through readers theater.  What moral does this story tell us today?

Roman and Greek mythological gods and goddesses game

gods and goddess definition

Click here to play rome-and-greek-gods-and-goddesses

St. Patrick’s Day Cyberhunt

1.  Where is Ireland located?

2.  What is the capital of the Republic of Ireland?

3.  Who is the patron saint of Ireland?

4.  Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day of March 17?

5.  What is the nickname of Ireland?

6.   According to old beliefs, what would a leprechaun hide at the end of a rainbow?

7.  What is the Blarney Stone?

8.  What is the official symbol of Ireland?

9.  What is a shamrock?

When you have completed this cyberhunt, go to the following links:

Ancient China Cyberhunt

1. The Ancient Chinese created many important inventions that are now used around the world, such as paper money and gunpowder. They were also the first to harvest silk.
Name three uses for it.

Another invention, the compass, had a religious use. What was it?

2. What was an abacus used for?

3. Chinese writing developed more than 3,500 years ago. Each character, or symbol, stands for a word. Characters based on pictures of things are also known as pictographs. What are characters based on abstract ideas known as?

What word do you get when you combine the symbols for woman and child?

Rain and field?

4. A tradition began in ancient China in the celebration of Chinese New Year. On the first day of the new year, it is considered good luck to see what?

Why shouldn’t you use scissors or wash your hair on Chinese New Year?

5. The Forbidden City of Beijiing, home to Ming and Quing emperors is a great example of Chinese architecture. What word for palace also meant house?

6. The Great Wall of China is the longest structure ever built, thanks mostly to the Ming dynasty. Ming emperors fixed the original wall, then added many miles to it with building materials no one has ever used before. What is the wall constructed of?

Questions were taken from  Clip art from Phillip Martin

When you complete this cyberhunt, go to this link – Count Down to the Chinese New Year and try it out.

You wouldn’t want to be a Roman gladiator


1. Why did the Romans call the gladiators barbarians?

2. Where did many of the gladiators get captured by the Romans?

3. What happened after the gladiator was captured?

4. What does the slave do if chosen to be a gladiator?

5. Name three types of gladiators and their job.

6. What are some ways they entertain the crowd?

7. If the gladiator loses, what can he do to have a chance to live?

8, Who is the mythical character who finishes off the gladiator who is injured?

Dig it up: Romans

Go to this link and select – Dig it up: Romans

dig it up

Go here to create Roman mosaics online.

Ancient Rome Game

Vocabulary sheet

Go to ancient-rome-game

Groovy Greeks

This week we will be starting our unit on Ancient Greece.  Did you know the Greeks were the first to have a fall_school_notebook_apple_11_15_08_pc_pro_medemocratic government?  Also, did you know Olympics were started by the Greeks over 3000 years ago?  These are just some of the things we will be learning about this fascinating civilization. 

I hope the students are sharing their word bogglers with their family.  The more we do these, the better they will be at solving the puzzle.  This week we will also talk about the timeline and further understand the difference in A. D. and B. C. (or B.C.E. and C. E.).  We will also create an activity relate to this concept.  One of my favorite things to do with my students is a multiple intelligence survey.  The students will identify their different types of intelligences based on this survey.  If time permits, we will play the SCAMPER game.  This is helping your child to think without outside distractions and to think differently to solve problems.  I hope everyone brings their XO computer as I plan to start a beginning SCRATCH lesson.

Extreme Earth Cyberhunt

globe_spin_lg_wht  1.  Where is the hottest place on Earth?  In 1922, it hit the highest temperature recorded anywhere on earth, ever. How hot was it?


2.            Where is the coldest place on Earth?  What was it coldest temperature and when?


3.    Where is the driest place on Earth?


4.    What is the highest mountain in the world and how high is it? Who were the first two brave people to reach it’s summit?


5.    Where is the wettest place on Earth? What is the average amount of rain?


6.    What is the deepest point on Earth?  How deep is it?


7.    What is the largest country in the world?  


8.    What is the longest river in the world?  What is the second longest in the world?


9.    What is the largest canyon?


10. What is the highest waterfall in the world?


11. Which of Earth’s ocean is the largest?


12. What is the largest animal on earth?


13. What is the largest lake in the world?


14. What is the world’s deepest lake?


15. What is the world’s largest island?


16. What is the largest lake in North America?


17. What is the highest, driest, and coldest continent on Earth?