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New Year’s Cyberhunt

1.  Who is Father Time?

2.  What year did the first ball drop in Times Square?

3.  What does Auld Lang Syne mean?

4.  What is the most popular New Year’s Day parade?

5.  In what state is a pine cone dropped on New Year’s eve?

6.  In what city is a New Year’s countdown done with an elevator?

7.  What state drops a purple beach ball decorated with Christmas lights?

8.  In the ancient Roman calendar, when did the new year being?

9.  What New Year tradition began in Greece around 600 BC?

10. When is Chinese New Year in 2012?

11.  What is the Jewish New Year called?

12.  What does Rosh Hashanah mean? 


Activities for the New Years celebration can be found here.

Ancient Egypt Cyberhunt

1.  What is kohl?

2.  What did the ancient Egyptians call Scarab beetles?

3.  Who was the last great pharaoh of Egypt?

4.  What was the name of Egypt’s female king?

5.  Were the ancient Egyptians monotheistic or polytheistic?

6.  What kind of writing did the ancient Egyptians use?

7.  Where is the Great Pyramid of Egypt located?

8.  How many years did it take to build the Great Pyramid of Giza?

9.  Who was the archaeologist that uncovered the tomb of King Tut?

10.  What is the name of the longest river in the world?

What is???

In your notebook, answer the following questions.  You will need to use a search engine such as Google or

1.  What is a cartographer?

2.  How many continents are there and what are they named?

3.  What is the area of the United States that includes Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana called?

4.  What is the imaginary line called that is at 0 degrees latitude?

5.  What is the imaginary line called that is at  0 degrees longitude?

6.  What ocean is to the east of the United States?

7.  What ocean is to the west of the United States?

When you are through, show your work to me.  After I approve you work, you may go to this link

Whale Cyberhunt

orca_baby_lg_blk1.  Which whale has one long tusk?

2.  What clings to the back of the gray whale?

3.  Which whale is called “wolf of the sea?”

4.  How did the right whale get its name?

5.  Which whale makes bubble nets to catch its food?

6.  What is a baleen whale?

7.  What is the real name of the killer whale?

8.  Why do whales use echolocation?

9.  Listen to whales here. What do they remind you of?

10:  The Sea Life of Orca Whales

11.  Save the Whales

Play this game about keeping our oceans clean.



Bald Eagle Cyberhunt


1. Why is the bald eagle called the bald eagle?

2. What is the scientific name of the bald eagle?

3. Where can you find bald eagles?

4. Describe the American bald eagle.

5. When was the bald eagle declared the national emblem for the United States?

6. Why was the bald eagle threatened with extinction?

7. What do bald eagles eat?

8. What is the habitat for bald eagles?

9. Why were bald eagles reclassified from endangered to threatened?

10. What can you do to help conserve rare, threatened, and endangered species and their habitats? Read the entire article and tell me your favorite.

Bat Cyberhunt

vampire_bat_flying_lg_whtAdapted from Scholastic
Directions: Put on your night-vision goggles and let’s go bat-watching! Expand your knowledge of these nocturnal flyers by visiting these fascinating bat sites. Write your answers in your notebook. Be sure to title the page.

1. Bats are mammals. What can they do that no other mammals can do?

2. Bats can barely see, so how do they find their way around?

3. What is the smallest bat in the world? How light is it?

4. Wrinkled-lipped bats often roost together in caves. How many bats might be in one cave together?

5. What are three things that different kinds of bats eat?

6. Megabats are large, fruit-eating bats that live in tropical rain forests. What are they sometimes called?

7. Where did the Spotted Bat get its name?

8. What are two ways that bats are helpful to humans?

When you have completed this cyberhunt, go HERE to play a game about echolocation.

St. Patrick’s Day Cyberhunt

1.  Where is Ireland located?

2.  What is the capital of the Republic of Ireland?

3.  Who is the patron saint of Ireland?

4.  Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day of March 17?

5.  What is the nickname of Ireland?

6.   According to old beliefs, what would a leprechaun hide at the end of a rainbow?

7.  What is the Blarney Stone?

8.  What is the official symbol of Ireland?

9.  What is a shamrock?

When you have completed this cyberhunt, go to the following links:

Ancient China Cyberhunt

1. The Ancient Chinese created many important inventions that are now used around the world, such as paper money and gunpowder. They were also the first to harvest silk.
Name three uses for it.

Another invention, the compass, had a religious use. What was it?

2. What was an abacus used for?

3. Chinese writing developed more than 3,500 years ago. Each character, or symbol, stands for a word. Characters based on pictures of things are also known as pictographs. What are characters based on abstract ideas known as?

What word do you get when you combine the symbols for woman and child?

Rain and field?

4. A tradition began in ancient China in the celebration of Chinese New Year. On the first day of the new year, it is considered good luck to see what?

Why shouldn’t you use scissors or wash your hair on Chinese New Year?

5. The Forbidden City of Beijiing, home to Ming and Quing emperors is a great example of Chinese architecture. What word for palace also meant house?

6. The Great Wall of China is the longest structure ever built, thanks mostly to the Ming dynasty. Ming emperors fixed the original wall, then added many miles to it with building materials no one has ever used before. What is the wall constructed of?

Questions were taken from  Clip art from Phillip Martin

When you complete this cyberhunt, go to this link – Count Down to the Chinese New Year and try it out.

Extreme Earth Cyberhunt

globe_spin_lg_wht  1.  Where is the hottest place on Earth?  In 1922, it hit the highest temperature recorded anywhere on earth, ever. How hot was it?


2.            Where is the coldest place on Earth?  What was it coldest temperature and when?


3.    Where is the driest place on Earth?


4.    What is the highest mountain in the world and how high is it? Who were the first two brave people to reach it’s summit?


5.    Where is the wettest place on Earth? What is the average amount of rain?


6.    What is the deepest point on Earth?  How deep is it?


7.    What is the largest country in the world?  


8.    What is the longest river in the world?  What is the second longest in the world?


9.    What is the largest canyon?


10. What is the highest waterfall in the world?


11. Which of Earth’s ocean is the largest?


12. What is the largest animal on earth?


13. What is the largest lake in the world?


14. What is the world’s deepest lake?


15. What is the world’s largest island?


16. What is the largest lake in North America?


17. What is the highest, driest, and coldest continent on Earth?



American Alligator Cyberhunt


 This week we will continue studying success stories from the Endangered Species Act. This week’s animal is the American alligator. Answer these questions in your notebook. Don’t forget to title the page of your cyberhunt.

1. What is the origin of the word alligator?

2. How long can an American alligator grow?

3. Where do American alligators live?

4. Why did the American alligator almost become extinct?

5. What happened to keep the American alligators from becoming extinct?

6. What is the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?

7. Why should we save alligators from extinction?

Valentine’s Day Cyberhunt

Answer the following questions in your notebook.  hearts_float_out_of_present_1_22_09_pc_pro_meClick on the link to find the answers.

1. Who first manufactured Valentines?

2. What did people used to believe would happen if a woman saw a robin flying overhead on Valentine’s Day?

3. Why was Valentine put in jail?

4. Who was the first valentine given to?

5. On what date did Valentine die?

6. How many Valentine cards will be bought in a year?

7. Name seven countries other than the United States that celebrates Valentine’s Day? (Look in the Fast Facts Section.)

8. Who was Cupid?

9. What year did Hallmark make its first Valentine Card?

10. How do you write I love you in German? Choose another language to also write I love you.

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