Gifted Supplies for 2016-2017

    MES Gifted Class Supply list

1 – 1″ view binder with pockets on the inside
1 – pack of binder dividers (any kind)
Boys: 1 container of Clorox or Lysol Wipes
Boys: 1 roll of paper towels
Boys: Hand sanitizer
Girls: 1 container of baby wipes
Girls: 1 box of tissues
Girls: Soft Soap
Optional $10 donation for gifted material appreciated.

    MMS Gifted Class Supply list

1” view binder (please be sure it has pocket on front and back) *Only for New Gifted Students
1 pack of binder dividers – 5 subject *Only for New Gifted Students
Boys- Hand sanitizer
Boys – 1 roll of paper towels
Girls – Soft Soap
Girls – Zip lock bags (any size)
Optional $10 donation for gifted materials appreciated

*If you are returning to my class, you do not need to purchase a new 1” binder. It will stay in my classroom until you leave me after sixth grade. Please purchase a heavy duty one in that it does need to last.

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