Creative Thinking Skills (Creative Problem Solving, Thinking Hats, creative dramatics, SCAMPER, etc.) and Challenges of the Day

Creative Dramatics and Drama (including Shakespeare)

Critical Thinking Skills (Socratic circles and seminars)

Technology Skills  – Word, PowerPoint, MovieMaker, email, blogging, wikis, Twitter, Glogster, Edmodo, Wallwisher, Weebly, Edmodo

Math skills (geometry, pentominoes, coordinate graphing, Roman numerals)

Art (artist of the week)

Literature – various authors and readers theater


Units covered :
Endangered! Planet Earth – a concept based unit covering ecosystems and biomes of the world, adaptation of plants and animals, environmental issues. Concepts: adaptation, environment, survival, extinction, change

Physics for Kids!

Space – our frontier!


What is concept-based curriculum? A concept is an idea that is timeless, abstract, broad, and can be shown through a variety of examples. Conflict, change and perspective are concepts. Examples of the concept change can be found in social studies (historical events), science (erosion), literature (characters) and mathematics (trading).